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● Installation and startup debugging:

We provide high quality installation solutions for our products sold by Atepco. During startup and commissioning, engineers will be assigned to provide the following services: check installation and working environment, check compressor/dryer, start compressor/dryer, automatic control system check and record operation.

● Train operation and maintenance personnel:

Including on-site training. For customers with special requirements, we can provide professional maintenance technical training, including on-site guidance and maintenance plan setting.

● Emergency services deal with:

Provide 24 hours day and night emergency service request, we will immediately respond and provide solutions, 3 hours (12 hours outside, within a week abroad) to the scene. Hotline service 24 hours a day, seven days a week

● Monthly inspection system:

For regular users and key customers of our company, we make inspection work once a month, and send professional mechanical engineers and electrical engineers to understand the operation status of complete sets of equipment of air compressor and dryer respectively, so as to prevent problems to the greatest extent. If problems are found, immediately provide reasonable solutions to meet customer requirements; The monthly inspection will deliver the inspection report to the customer, so that our maintenance department and the customer can monitor the equipment of the air compressor station for a long time.

● Preventive maintenance system:

For preventive maintenance, we send professional engineers to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the air compressor system and provide customers with reasonable operation suggestions.

● Timely supply of spare parts:

We have a special Atlas spare parts storage warehouse, for commonly used spare parts can be supplied at any time. For special orders, we have specialized personnel to follow up.


As a provider of industrial production solutions, the importance of after-sales service quality is one of the guarantees of the brand logo. Tianjin Atepco Company dedicated to provide customers with professional, efficient, timely, reliable after-sales service. When you buy any Atlas Copco product, you get a service system. When the customer signs the purchase contract, the customer address, telephone number, contact person, model, usage, maintenance and other relevant information has been stored in the computer for record, so as to track the customer at any time. All our after-sales service personnel have been trained and assessed, 24-hour comprehensive after-sales service for all customers, and there are more than 20 cars for users to service, our company has the user list and models input into the computer management network, after-sales service personnel will regularly check the service for users. On-site inspection every 2000 hours and in-site inspection every 4000 hours. Preferential quotation, let customers benefit, reduce customer expenses, reduce customer operating costs, provide Atlas Copco authentic parts, ensure quality.
At the same time, we can provide air compressor equipment energy recovery device, frequency conversion transformation and energy saving programs, as well as air compressor station automatic control system design, manufacturing and installation and construction services.

Service Content