-Species of compressor

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Compressor is regarded as the heart of the refrigeration system, the best performance of the characteristics of the compressor is called "steam pump". The actual duty of the compressor

There are the following kinds of air compressor accessories:

Air compressor accessories (air valve)
Air compressor accessories (air valve)
Cylinder | cylinder head



Valve | valve plates


Connecting rod

Small head | big head watts

Piston rod

Sealing ring

Oil scraper ring

Supporting ring

Input and output power, performance coefficient, refrigerating capacity, starting current, running current, rated voltage, frequency, cylinder volume, noise, etc. To measure the performance of a compressor, mainly in terms of weight, efficiency and noise comparison.

According to Chinese standard, its safety performance inspection is carried out according to GB4706.17-2004. The main items are electrical strength, leakage current, blocked rotation, and overload operation test.

The performance inspection of air conditioner compressor shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of GB5773-2004.

In addition, type test must be carried out in case of major changes that may affect product performance during product shaping and production, continuous production for more than one year or reproduction after a gap of more than one year, and when there is a big difference between the ex-factory inspection results and type test.