-Working principle of blower

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The working principle of the single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan is: the prime mover drives the impeller to rotate at a high speed through the shaft, and the air flow from the axial inlet into the high-speed rotating impeller becomes radial flow is accelerated, and then enters the diffuser chamber, changing the flow direction and decelerating. This decelerating effect converts the kinetic energy in the high-speed rotating air flow into pressure energy (potential energy), so that the fan outlet maintains stable pressure.

Theoretically speaking, the pressure-flow characteristic curve of centrifugal blower is a straight line, but due to the friction resistance and other losses in the fan, the actual pressure and flow characteristic curve declines gently with the increase of flow rate, while the corresponding power-flow curve of centrifugal fan rises with the increase of flow rate. When the fan is running at a constant speed, the working point of the fan will move along the pressure-flow characteristic curve. The operating condition point of the fan not only depends on its own performance, but also depends on the characteristics of the system. When the pipe network resistance increases, the pipe performance curve will become steeper. The basic principle of fan regulation is to obtain the required working conditions by changing the performance curve of the fan itself or the characteristic curve of the external network.