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Atlas Copco sets up a reliable and performance model in air compressor, new-style G4-5G7-22G30-45 and G55-75 series Atlas is in accordance with customer promise, brings the power and reliability of screw compressor for each middle and small enterprises.


Atlas Copco G series air compressor provides excellent reliability, persistence, reliability and performance, and furthest save your cost of investment. This series production not only meets requirement, but also compressed air solution. Specially design for harsh running environment, ensure efficient production 



sturdy and durable

Mature and advanced screw compressor technology ensures 100% continuous operation


Choose reliable and sturdy parts, running ambient temperature can reach 46°C


New type inlet valve ensures reliable running for a long time


easy installation


Hidden cable design, easy and sample installation 


Multi-type to choose (ground installation, with storage tank and full performance type) enrich customer’s selection 


easy maintenance

Patent cooler, east maintenance and cleaning


Maintenance window design, east to maintain, easy to touch 


Adopt swing oil separator and oil filte